Saturday, April 26, 2014

Photo Essay: Aspiring Simplicity

Produced by Karima Ragab

I knew I was travelling to Basata during spring break so I definitely wanted to find my story there because I knew I could easily get inspired there. It is only when I got there that I decided to base my photo essay on the story of Basata. With the owner, Sherif Ghamrawy, present all day long, I was able to contact him easily. It was my first time to travel to Basata so I was fascinated by it. From what he told me, I was able to define my angle which was the exposure of Egypt’s culture and civilization in every domain possible. The culture was portrayed in the food, the setting, the ambiance, but above all, the delightful simplicity behind it all. When I told some of my friends and family that I was traveling to Basata, many didn’t know what I was talking about. Therefore, it pushed me to write its story and hopefully reveal its simple beauty to those who haven’t discovered it yet.

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