Saturday, April 26, 2014

Photo Essay: A Day by the Nile

By Haidy Abdrabou

I chose this topic for many reasons, from long time ago this is the first time as a family to relax and take time out from the hassle of life.

The story I decided to make has different variety of meanings. It is about memories, family tradition, and celebration.

When my father used to live with us, we used to go out as a family every week, but now it is difficult to keep this habit going. He has been away for several months for work, during that time he was having health problems regarding his heart, but in the end he ended up having a heart surgery.

Luckily, he is recovering now and feeling better everyday, and that makes me thankful to have him around in my life, this family outing was not only about mundane going out, it was our first time of us together celebrating both dad feeling well and Egyptian Easter.

Mainly, celebrating the joy of us being in each others company, one that cannot be taken for granted.

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