Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fall 2016 Covering an Event Assignment

For Fall 2016, students in the Multimedia Writing course covered many events on The American University in Cairo (AUC) campus.

We used Adobe Spark to produce the web pages.

Here is the list of the events covered:

On Tuesday, Nov. 1
Makeup Workshop in AUC Reveals Beauty Tips
By Danah AlAnsari, Farida Kamal, Haidy Haitham and Yomna Abdelnasser

On Monday, Nov. 7
Directing Askar wa-Harameyya: A Professor's Experience
By Doaa Abdelghany, Mayar Magdy and Rania Yehia

On Wednesday, Nov. 9
The University Forum on Student Tuition
By Mariam Seif, Reem Mohamed and Hanien Gaballah

On Saturday, Nov. 12
Heated Discussion Breaks Out at Cairo Streets and Stories Event
By Lama Ibrahim, Kareem Ragheb and Kirillos Samuel

On Wednesday, Nov. 16
Egyptian Superheroes That No Longer Need to Fly
By Leila Nassar, Yasmine Ayoub and Yara El-Fayoumi

On Sunday, Nov. 20
Bridging the Gap Between Media Education and the Industry
By Mayar El Zanty, Jackline Said and Farha Tomoum

Friday, November 4, 2016

Makeup Workshop at the American University in Cairo

By Danah Al-Ansari, Haidy Haitham, Farida Kamel, and Yomna Abdelnasser.

Professional Makeup Artist Iman Oraby held a workshop on Tuesday, November 3, from 2:00 P.M. until 5:00 P.M., at the American University in Cairo. The workshop aimed to teach the attendees makeup application methods and skills.

Oraby presenting makeup brushes

Oraby demonstrating on a Canvas
Iman Oraby started discussing and explaining makeup techniques at the beginning of the workshop. Then, Oraby started to apply makeup on her model, Hana El-Badrawy. The attendees followed step by step by drawing with real makeup on their canvas that Oraby provided, as a way for them to practice what they have learned.

Oraby explaining to a participant

Oraby applying makeup to a model
 "The more you practice, the more you master applying makeup." said Oraby.
According to Gina ElSagheer, one of the participants, "Iman has a makeup application that showcases her makeup tutorials, but, it is so much better to see how things are done in real life". 

We covered this makeup event, as it was so interesting to see a fun and unique workshop take place at AUC. The workshop was very interactive and the participants were very interested. Also, we interviewed Oraby after the workshop and inquired about her makeup passion. She mentioned the impact of social media on her profession. "Media is a massive influence, it is what I use as a marketing tool, and everything is done by social media. It is how I have an interactive relationship with my client,” said Oraby.