Saturday, June 22, 2013

Visegrad Photo Press Exhibition

by: Jehad Rajab and Zeina Makarem

      GIZA, Egypt - The Visegrad Group countries celebrated the opening of their photo press exhibition in Gezira Art Center in Zamalek, Wednesday.

      The Visegrad photo press gallery consisted of portraits from Egypt, Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic .  The opening celebration started by a speech given by Amir Al-Leithy, the director of Gezira Galleries. Al-Leithy presented the ambassadors that attended the opening and the cultural ministers in addition to the Former Prime Minister of Poland.

      Al-Leithy said “Al-Gezeriah Art Center hosts many different galleries and events for Egyptian and foreigner artists to increase the cooperation between us." He said that the art is the language that the whole world use to communicate. 
     This art gallery, without a doubt, has a special place in today’s society. This art gallery offered an open eye appealing view where visitors can observe and understand art.  Nevertheless, why are art galleries important to anyone?

     The Visegrad Photo Exhibition displayed the history of several particular cultures in a creative manner.  All portraits provided a snapshot of what life was like at a particular period of time through the artist’s artwork.  Their art provided information about the people living in a particular time period, certain war, emotions and provided musical backgrounds with their work.  

     The art explained the social and political climate at the time the artwork was made.  Most importantly the art conveyed the perspective of all artists during a certain moment in time. In some pieces, the art was realistic; furthermore, in other pieces, some of the artwork symbolized nature in specific.

     The purpose of this art gallery is to promote art, culture and artists.  There was an emergence of established artists, this art gallery recognized unique art and promoted this talent to the public at large. Believe me, it was a huge success. 

     Art gallery attendees were introduced to different perspectives and ways of thinking through the viewing of their artwork.  In addition, the viewers or audience were fascinated but some criticized that certain sections were identified properly like the other portraits, this art was inspired to endorse a particular cause, change people’s way of thinking, and to create their own works of art.

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