Monday, June 17, 2013

ElFIT Challenge Promotes Healthy Living in Egypt

By Nadim Mahfouz and Diana Saleh

Cairo, Egypt- ElFIT Fitness Festival was held in Uptown Cairo, Moqattam district on June 14 and 15.
The second qualifier round of ELFIT challenge is the first of its kind in Egypt. The goal of the event is to promote healthy living. Sportsmen from all over Cairo gathered to participate in the two-day event. They were tested in different categories: agility, strength, balance, speed, power, and endurance.
The participants were divided into four groups. The individual men/women, teams, and masters (over 40). Friday’s qualifier round began with 120 men, 20 women, 18 teams, and 4 masters. Saturday’s event was divided into 3 knockout rounds and a final. The winners were awarded 5,000 L.E for first place, 3,000 L.E. for second place, and 1,000 L.E. for third place.
           In addition to the second qualifier competition, there were exhibitions and performances representing different forms of exercise, crossfit, Le Mills, TRX, running, biking, Zumba, Jazzercise, and Parkour. Also in attendance, were representatives from various high profile sports gyms such as, Gold’s Gym, Fibers, Leo, and Samia Alouba. The event was powered by many sponsors including, Rebook, Redbull, and Uptown Cairo. Spectators were invited to try, free fitness classes, participate in the gym tents, and entertain their children in the kid’s zone. Spectator, Mohamed Awadly, 23, says, “ I am glad such a big event took place here in Egypt.”
           The event is a tri-series challenge that began February 23, 2013. Event organizer, Ahmed Azzet, stated, “The first event was held for one day, we learned it was better to create a two-day event so more people would have the chance to participate.” The organizers of the event wanted to create a festival-like day for participants, family, and friends to enjoy and learn about the benefits of healthy living by combining sports with entertainment. The most recent challenge was the second qualifier round, held June 14 and 15.
           Season one finals will take place sometime in September or October 2013, the location has yet to be announced. Hend El Gamal, 37, says, “Even though I am not participating I am excited to see the challengers in the next round.”

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